CME Process & Forms

Department Managed Activity

Managing the CME Process

The department applying for CME coordinates the logistics of this type of CME activity. Course director(s) and coordinator meet with the Division of CME during the planning process to ensure a defined Professional Practice Gap is addressed and learning needs are identified. Subsequently the course director/coordinator submits all CME related documentation that meets ACCME criteria and AMA requirements for accreditation as per below.

How to receive CME sponsorship from The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Timeline: 90 days prior
• Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure forms must be completed by the Activity organizers and submitted to the Division of CME. – Course Director(s) – Course Planners – Any potential COI is resolved at this phase
• A new Activity Planning form (application) should be completed, signed by the course director(s), the Department Chair and submitted to the Division of CME.
• Planning Agenda (Topics, Speakers, Date and Times of presentations, Learning objectives per presentation)
• Activity budget

Timeline: 4 Weeks prior
• Brochure, flyer or other course material (Publicity Guidelines) – Please note any promotional materials need to be submitted to the CME office prior printing and or publishing (online)
• Disclosure of Relationship form for each scheduled speaker
• Syllabus/Handouts must be reviewed and approved by CME prior to printing. (ACCME Requirement)
• Letter(s) of Agreement for Commercial Support (if applicable) – MUST BE FULLY EXECUTEDSIGNED BY BOTH CME DIRECTOR AND COMMERCIAL SUPPORTER PRIOR TO THE COURSE (ACCME Requirement)
• Signed Exhibitor Application_ (if applicable) _
• Sample Evaluation form to be distributed to attendees
• Credit Adjustment Form

Timeline: 4 Weeks prior

• Listing of each registrant in excel template provided
• Sign-in Sheets/Attendance record
• Summary of Evaluations by participants
• Credit Adjustment forms (must be completed by MDs and DOs only)
• Final reconciled budget
• Copy of executed Letter of Agreement from each commercial source (Grants), if applicable – Attach a copy of check received from each company
• Outcomes Evaluation Survey
PDF version of final brochure and/or announcements
PDF version of final program booklets/handouts/syllabi – must include: ACCME Accreditation Statement, Summary of Disclosures & Acknowledgement of Commercial Support)